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Creative Direction - Cover Artwork

Creative Direction - Cover Artwork


Burn The Disco is a super talented rising DJ in Drum and Bass music. We’ve worked together for a number of years on various releases. Moonstruck was his first EP release and I worked with him as the Creative Director to design the cover artwork for the EP.

Moonstruck released in 2021.


Burn The Disco wanted me to have free reign over the design of the EP cover. With that much trust the first thing I wanted to do was to get to know the music as best I could. We spent a good deal of time talking together about the songs, the inspiration behind the music, and the emotion he wanted to convey with the artwork. He told me that a lot of the songs had a deep connection to past romances, and that he wanted the art to be emotive of longing and midnight.

I sketched out a few ideas for him to look at that represented those concepts, and one design centered around hands caught his eye. He liked the sensuality of the hands and the colors of the design I created, but wanted to go further with the concept. I thought the idea of a midnight rose with petals drifting off of it tied the concept perfectly to the emotions he had described and the final image was born. To tie things up I nestled his logo and the EP title behind the artwork to add depth and added the song titles in the EP to the bottom of the cover to anchor everything together.

I’m very proud of this cover artwork because of the emotive nature of the art. I think it ties very well to the music inside and gives the EP a strong distinction inside of Burn The Disco’s musical catalogue.




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