Aaron Varshay

MSE Halloween 2023

Merchandise Design - Advertising - Branding - Web Graphics

Merchandise Design - Advertising - Branding - Web Graphics


Spooky season approached and our team created a special merch drop to celebrate the holiday. I designed 3 graphic t-shirts, a special costume shirt, the event logo and mark, web product images, and marketing materials for the event.

The event was out most successful merch drop at the company and we sold nearly 3x the amount of merch as our next best merch drop.


Initially, the project was to design a few products for Halloween, but after some goofing around with different designs I thought it would be cool to create a special merch drop that would create more hype and better sales. After creating some branding assets and designs I pitched my idea to the Creative Director and the Marketing Director and they greenlit the project. Our team created a special ad campaign, a special promotion for the holiday, and an event page on the website to house the designs. We created 7 limited time t-shirt designs for the drop as well as various themed products. I was responsible for helping the Creative Director design the look and feel of the event’s marketing materials, graphics for the clothing, and primary logo/ mark used for the event.




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Branding, Merch Design, Graphic Design & Advertising

Creative Director

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