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Disturbed’s Indestructible was one of the albums that got me into rock/ heavy metal back in high school. I’ve always loved this artwork by the legendary David Finch and I wanted to recreate it as an challenge.

I recreated the artwork in my own style while trying to stay true to the original. Once the artwork was finished I decided to expand the concept by recreating the design for the original CD and case, and then I repurposed the artwork for a poster and a 3 color screen print design for merch.


I started the art out loosely replicating the original. I sourced free and open source images from the internet to create the foundation for the work and photo composited them together to create the character and scene. After the main features of the character were in place I used the original artwork as a reference to really try and replicate the design to the best of my skill. Many of the important details of the character I hand painted after.

Overall I think the artwork pushed the limits of my technical, observation, and painting skills and turned out exceptionally.

CD & Case

This challenge was largely an effort to experiment with the process of print design for a CD. I have experience designing book sleeves and jackets so I applied my understanding of those processes and the technical features of print to this project. Using the original CD case as a reference, I repurposed the artwork and designed graphics for the back, designed the spine, and designed graphics for the CD itself.

Poster & Merch Design

After re-creating art and CD, it felt like a shame to not push the project even further, so I decided to stretch it to printed products. This felt like a really great opportunity to practice and something to think about for future client projects.

I referenced a poster design done for the original album release of Indestructible and remade it with the new artwork and updated fonts.

For the merch design, I wanted to prep the artwork for screen printing so I separated the artwork into a 3 color design and arranged it so it would look nice on a shirt or other piece of apparel.




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