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Time Pirate

Typography - Map Design

Typography - Map Design


In 2023 I designed the typography and companion map for the first book in Eric Vall’s new series, Time Pirate.

Time Pirate follows a security guard working at the Museum of National History in Washington D.C. who discovers a magical stop watch. The watch allows him to go back in time, and he travels between 1815 and present day Washington D.C. searching for relics and adventuring.

Final Rendered Typography (Top) Inverted Base Typography (Bottom)

Time Pirate book 1 map



I wanted the type to speak about the genre, story and time period. I used strong Serif fonts to tie it to the time period and locale, added a unifying stopwatch to reference the story, and created an adventurous 3D styling advertising the genre.


The MC would be switching back and forth between two timelines in the same city throughout the story and I wanted that to be somehow apparent on the map. I decided to combine two maps in one. One would be from 1815, with the stylings of an old, worn piece of paper, while the other would be a printed satellite map of present day D.C. I also added some grounded details to make both maps look taped together as though the MC was practically using the map to navigate between time periods.




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