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Creative Direction - Artwork

Creative Direction - Artwork


Between 2020-2023 I completed over 700 pieces of personal artwork and shared them on my personal Instagram.

I consider digital glitch art to be my primary medium. Most of my work revolves around exploring how traditional aesthetics and computed chaos can overlap in exciting new ways. I especially enjoying creating digital glitch portraits and abstract works.

I regularly partake in October’s “Glitchtober.” A yearly community event where artists from all over the world create an art piece every day for a month, all sharing the same daily theme.

I’ve successfully released multiple NFT projects on the Tezos and Etherum blockchains. In 2021 I released a collection of my artwork which celebrated the best pieces from my first year of Dailies and sold 90% of the collection within a week.


In 2020 I started working on “Dailies:” a practice of making art every day for a set amount of time. I successfully made art every single day for a year while working from home during the pandemic and then created art 5 days a week for the next 1.5 years.

I decided to take on the challenge to improve my skills as an artist and push myself in a way I’d never tried before. During the process I grew my creative skills dramatically and discovered a style of artwork that was all my own. The challenge of adhering to such a strict schedule meant learning to be smart about my energy, disciplined with my time, and rigorously creative.


2020- Present


Creative Direction & Artwork

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