Aaron Varshay

Old Man Space Ranger

Book Cover Design - Graphic Art - Type Design

Book Cover Design - Graphic Art - Type Design


I was approached in 2022 to create the cover for Old Man Space Ranger for Douglas Michaels. The book was the first in a new series that aimed to continue his growth in the sci-fi genre.

Old Man Space Ranger is about a late aged average joe who is chosen for his noble character, renewed back to youth, and sent to the stars. He finds enemies and allies while exploring the stars, encountering adventure, mystery, and intrigue at every turn.

The book has grown to over 1,000 reviews on Amazon, holds a 4.5 star rating, and Old Man Space Ranger 2 has just been published.


Cover Art

Typically for sci-fi covers I aim to indicate the genre as much as possible, with high flying space ships, battle scenes, and glimpses of new places. This story brief was narratively distinct with it’s older character so I felt featuring him as well as characters from the book would add narrative layers to the cover, and differentiate it from Douglas Michael’s other sci-fi novels.

I focused on bringing narrative and sci-fi elements to the cover, while also designing clear composition and strong color.


Even in the typography I wanted it to convey some elements of the story and genre. The distinctly futuristic type makes the genre clear while the rusty but gleaming aesthetic of the typography re-enforce the themes of the title.




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Graphic Art & Typography

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