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Logan Thorne DCI

Book Series - Book Cover Design - Graphic Art

Book Series - Book Cover Design - Graphic Art


I was tasked with designing book and audiobook covers for book 3 (Legacy of the Butcher) and 4 (Hunting a Monster) in Duncan Wallace’s DCI Logan Thorne thriller series.

My primary focus was on continuing the aesthetic of the previous books, and teasing the narrative while maintaining visual traditions of the thriller genre.

Logan Thorne DCI is Duncan Wallace’s most reviewed series on Amazon, and Legacy of the Butcher and Hunting a Monster are amongst his most highly reviewed books.


Legacy of the Butcher

The story of this book involved Logan Thorne hunting down a famous killer who resurfaces after years of dormancy.

I wanted to depict this generally, with a mysterious figure seemingly stalking a girl out for a midnight run. Previous books in the series used strong red and blue tones as well as dark scenes with plenty of contrast. I referenced this using a vivid mix of those elements along with clear composition to make the figures stand out even on the web.

Hunting a Monster

This story involves the investigation into a murder where multiple men have been killed by someone with seemingly superhuman strength. The author described it as a search for a Jackal & Hyde type character, but without anything actually supernatural in the end. That was a really fun shake up of the typical thriller story so I ran with it for the cover.

I designed the mysterious silhouetted characters on the cover to overlap in a way that almost portrays them as a single, double sided character, with backlighting that makes the larger one seem somewhat imaginary. This hit a lot of narrative points, was visually interesting, and also kept with the genre.




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